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Immersive Bootcamps

If you would like to transition into a new career path that’s both cutting-edge and innovative, the University of Colorado Boulder Digitals Skills Bootcamps give you everything you need to break into an
exciting digital profession in less than a year.

The Cybersecurity

Break into a cybersecurity career and quickly advance from
learner to professional with
an immersive and innovative
curriculum that’s been built to give you all of the skills and
knowledge necessary to succeed.

Providing the
Competitive Career
Edge You Need to

Give Your Professional
Opportunities a Boost
Level Up Your Digital Skills

Our cutting-edge Digital Skills Bootcamps leverage experiential learning, which lets learners focus on gaining experience through hands-on projects that utilize innovative tools. You’ll be prepared to start a new career in tech in less than one year.

Break Into a New Career in Less
than a Year
Get Skills That Are
Ready for the Future

Our Digital Skills Bootcamps will give you the experience and skills needed to easily transition to
a successful career in technology. In less than a year, you’ll get all the knowledge and capabilities
needed to break into a new innovative career through cutting-edge, hands-on instruction.

Hands-on Learning

Succeed in a virtual learning environment that allows you to forge connections with dedicated instructors who are experts in leveraging interactive strategies and project-based learning to give learners all the tools necessary to thrive in a new career.

Introductory Course

Try out the type of instruction and hands-on projects that make up the extended program with an Introductory Course that lets you gauge the bootcamp’s expectations and demands before committing fully.

Certifications and Digital Badges

No matter which bootcamp you choose, prepare to earn digital badges that demonstrate your skills and lay the foundation for passing industry certification exams in the future.

Career Support

Create a firm foundation for your professional life with tailored training in LinkedIn optimization, networking, interviewing and resume writing. Our Career Outcomes team also maintains connections with local hiring partners to assist our learners in finding job opportunities upon program completion.*

400 Program Hours

Develop robust connections with your instructors in a hands-on training program designed to immerse learners in their new careers. You’ll get practical experience with real-world simulations and an in-depth curriculum crafted to cover all niches in your chosen industry.

Access to Hiring Partners

Grow your network and prepare for a successful professional career by leveraging the relationships forged by our Career Outcomes team, which can help you connect with companies and industry leaders in need of well-qualified employees.

*Terms and conditions apply. Job or internship placement is not guaranteed.

Five Steps
to Success


Let's Connect

Schedule a consultation with one of our admissions advisors so that you can learn more about us, ask questions about the programs and set the stage for your educational and professional goals.



Meet with a senior admissions advisor online or over the phone for a personalized discussion about the Digital Skills Bootcamps, your job expectations and potential opportunities in your new career path.



Our introductory course will allow learners to test the demands and expectations of the program before committing to the entire bootcamp. This will let you gauge if it’s a good fit for you and your career goals.


The Program

Our Digital Skills Bootcamps are accelerated programs designed to take learners on a detailed journey to their chosen career path. Live classes can be attended virtually, with exercises that simulate the real-world activities of digital professionals.



Gain valuable professional assistance with your job search by taking advantage of our Career Outcomes department. Our team offers customized training in networking, LinkedIn optimization, resume writing, polishing your online presence, as well as providing access to hiring partners.

*Career support services are consultation-based only and do not guarantee job placement.