Where can I take classes?

Anywhere. The Digital Skills Bootcamps are virtual programs that feature live classroom sessions with expert instructors.

Can I take classes online?

Yes. The Digital Skills Bootcamps are provided on a virtual platform so that learners can participate in live classrooms or Q&A sessions, simulation labs and more from anywhere.

When do classes start?

There’s no one start date—our courses begin on a rolling schedule.

Do I need previous educational certifications or experience to enroll?

You don’t need any prerequisites or certifications to enroll in the Digital Skills Bootcamps. We welcome all professional backgrounds. Please note that this program is not intended for full time undergraduate students.

Please note that this program is not intended for full time undergraduate students.

How many credit hours can I achieve, and can I transfer credits to another institution of learning?

Our Digital Skills Bootcamp programs consist of a minimum of 400-hours of learning, including the 30-hour Introductory Course.

Credits from these programs cannot be applied to other degree programs.

How much is tuition?

Cybersecurity Bootcamp: $180 Introductory Course | $17,800 Extended | $17,980 Total

I'm employed full-time. Are these programs suitable for me?

Yes. The programs can accommodate working professionals with both evening and weekend course schedules.

Do I need to buy any supplies?

Yes. You will need reliable internet access and a laptop computer or other computing device that meets the minimum requirements. Some programs may require additional supplies. The rest of the educational materials required, such as books and software, will be provided.

What is ThriveDX?

ThriveDX is our partner in innovative continuing education. Their expertise in digital, professional training brings more than two decades of world-renowned knowledge transfer expertise directly to our learners.

How can I become a hiring partner?

Contact us either by filling out the form below or by calling 303-848-2803 to speak with one of our Partner Account Managers.